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making moments forever memories


Our job at Susan Brewer Photography is to create timeless portraits for your family in an easy, organized, and fun manner.  Let us be your companion on the path to making moments become FOREVER memories. 

You are busy.  And your children are growing up too fast.  But who has time to stop and capture the fun, silly, life-changing moments of everyday?  

You are welcoming your first little new one into your home.  You feel overwhelmed on how to feed, sleep, take care of yourself, much less a new person.  How are you expected to take timeless portraits of your newborn while on two hours of sleep and not worry about messing it up?

Time has flown by and your baby is now graduating.  He/she won't ever be at this place in their life again.  But they don't want you to photograph them, much less a stuffy, un-cool photographer.

Ever feel like any of these?  Well, I have felt all of them and am here to help.  Our job is to make your life easier while providing you with timeless portraits of the people you love the most.  Let us be your full service photographer and friend.


Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
— Dr. Seuss


It's as easy as One, Two, Three...

Our job is to make your life easier.  So let us do our job!  With just three easy steps you can have timeless portraits without much effort on your part.  You have enough to do - so let us do what we do best!


We can't wait to see you.

When I entered Susan’s studio for my son’s newborn photos at 10 days old, she welcomed us with such care and joy. It was one of the first extended amounts of time that I got to sit back and take a moment since he was born—a welcomed break! Susan’s patience and gentleness allowed for a relaxing experience where I didn’t worry about my son one bit, which was icing on the cake to us getting beautiful photos that will last us a lifetime.
— Mary Susan Fiedler