Susan has photographed hundreds of babies.  Sleeping ones.  Crying ones.  Just born.  Months old.  Running fast.  Laughing hard.  She knows their mouths and wrinkles and fingernails and tummies.  For her many hours of education and studio experience, the surprise perfect newborn expression is no surprise at all.  She's ready for every one.  And, with three kids of her own, there is no situation too messy or unexpected.  She's seen everything.  We wouldn't say it if we didn't believe it; Susan is the perfect artist to photograph your infant and toddler.  So, we hope that you can find the right “Baby” option to fit your family’s needs.  Please let us know how we can help.

It is very important that you contact us while you are pregnant - BEFORE your baby is born.  We will schedule your session for one week after you due date.  The best age for photographing sleepy, smushy, gentle newborns is around 7 days old.  So we like to get you in our studio within the first two weeks.  As long as we have you on our calendar, it is easier for us to reschedule if you have your baby before or after your due date.  


Think about who you want to be in the photographs:  siblings, parents, grandparents, godparents.  Susan wants you to be able to maximize these sessions for you.  So, bring whoever you want remembering that sometimes extra people can be too distracting to the baby and mom.  You know your family best.  Don't take on more that you can handle.

Please feed your baby before you come so that she/he will be full and happy for the pictures.  If you would like to come a little early to nurse here, please let us know.  Also, if we need to stop so that you can feed your baby again, that is perfectly fine.  We want these sessions to be as relaxed as possible for you and your family.  Having your baby full throughout the session allows it to go easier for everyone.


Please items you might want included in any photographs of your newborn:  rattles, heirloom outfits, "coming-home" outfits, wedding rings, or special blankets.  Some families like to feature their favorite sports team, or family hobby.  Those props/items are great too.  These are your portraits for your baby.  We want to use items that are important to you, and not things that are stored here.

If your child likes a pacifier, please bring it.  Probably won't need to use it, but it is nice to have on hand.


A note for the parents - please bring a solid color shirt (black or white is perferrable).  If you want a family picture, you might want to bring a solid shirt or outfit for the baby.  For all clothing - the simpler the better so that the focus is on the baby.

Another reminder:  your hands will more than likely be photographed.  If you think you will be distracted by your nails, remember to cut them or "style" them beforehand.  On that note, natural nails look the best.  

Lots of pee, poop and spit-up!!  Seriously.  What do you expect when you have a naked baby lying around?!  We are prepared for anything and know that it will happen.  So, don't worry about it.  It is normal.  Also, we will take the session at your and your baby's pace.  We schedule our newborn sessions first thing in the morning when babies are usually the happiest and sleepiest.  But, we still leave time to stop and feed, walk and soothe.  No worries.