Other Questions


Digital Files

There are some questions we are asked most every time a new client contacts us.  Like...

How much are sessions?

Do we sell digital files?  

How much are digital files?

Is Santa Claus real?

OK, well not the last one.  But the first three of these questions are equally very important to each prospective client. 

For your digital file questions, the answer is

Yes!  We do sell digital files.  

Our number one goal here is for you to have pictures on your wall, or ready for gifts.  Your lives are busy enough.  We want to do all of the work for you, so a year from now your pictures aren't still sitting in their box on the floor or the disk is still in the drawer.  We want you to be able to go home and hang your portrait on the wall, place your album on your coffee table, or wrap your birthday present for your Mom.  Susan has even been known to hang our clients pictures on the wall for them while they worked!  Therefore we have discounts on framing for larger portraits and many album and portrait options.

But if you also want to archive your portraits we have options to purchase your digital files either in a 5x7 format (lower resolution) or full resolution format.  Please contact us for information about all of our pricing.

*Please remember that we only keep your files here in our studio for one year.*


When you purchase portraits from Susan Brewer Photography, you are purchasing artwork created by Susan.  Although there are many photographers, we believe that Susan's art is uniquely hers.  She is creating for you not only an enjoyable experience at your session but heirloom portraits that will be passed down from generation to generation.  These are not snapshots but individual pieces of art - from the smallest wallet to the largest 40x60 wall portrait.  Therefore all portraits come hand-signed by the artist herself.

Referral Program

The biggest compliment you can give us is to tell your friends about Susan Brewer Photography.  With each session you will receive cards with your beautiful photographs on them.  When you refer a friend and they contact us, you will receive a $50 print credit on your next session.  And if they bring in one of your cards, they will receive a $50 print credit too!!  A win-win for both of you.