Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Knox

Squishy cheeks.  Chunky thighs.  Dreamy eyes.  Flirtatious smile.  Contagious laughter.  Volunteer pre-birth.  Knox.  He is the best.

Spring Limited Edition Sessions

It is that time of year again!!!  I love the Spring.  For many reasons, but one is because I host my annual Spring limited edition sessions.  This year I am adding a Mother/Child day and I am super, super excited about it.  

Please see below information for these two events.  Scheduling will be done first-come-first-served.  Payment is needed at time of scheduling to reserve your date.  If you mail a check, I will hold your time for 3 days.  

Email ( or call (864.421.7861) to schedule.

See you all soon!!

Spring Event

April 26 | 9-12:30

* $50

* 20% off of product

* Scheduling every half hour with 20 min sessions

* Possibly going to schedule Friday morning if need to have overflow.  Let me know what time you want on Saturday and if you would rather have Friday what time for that too.  Friday will be from 9-11.  Not guaranteeing that I will do Friday sessions.  

* We are going back inside this year.  Outside only if you really want it for your specific session.

* Main Background: I have purchased a new gold sequin background.  It is just beautiful!!!  I love the way the light plays on it.

* Other Backgrounds:  I will have a solid grey and solid gold backgrounds that I will use as well.

* $350 in product = low res disk; $450 in product = high res disk

Mother/Child Sessions

May 31 | 9-11:30

* Pricing same as Spring Event

* I was desperate to get pictures of my and my kids.  Not just my kids with me thrown in there.  A session specifically for me and my kids.  After I took my friends pictures and then she took mine, I thought that I had to offer it to you too.  I just LOVE these pictures.  I can't wait to offer them.  

* Scheduled this date in case you wanted to give them for Father's Day presents or treat yourself for Mother's Day.

* Scheduling every half hour with 20 min sessions

* Can possibly schedule on Friday if overwhelming response.  Let me know if you want right-of-first-refusal for a Friday appointment similar to above.


* This session will have a very specific look.  I will photograph them backlit against our windows so they will have a very light feel to them.  I want you and your children to wear all white or light colors.  I have attached pictures that I took of my friend and her daughter and then ones she took of me and my kids for you to see what I am talking about.  I want these to be very simple - focusing on just you and your kids.

* Oh, and the pictures I am showing you are pretty serious - which is what my friend and I wanted.  Yours doesn't have to be so serious.  

* I will have the long pink skirt that I am wearing for any size if you want to use it.  And then I will have two little girls skirts if you want to use those too.  My girls don't have the skirts on in the pictures.  They are just wearing leggings.

* Only come to this session if you like the look of these pictures.  Not doing anything on the wall background.

View from My Camera - Walker

You have never met a more smiley kid.  He just smiled the whole time.  That is until he touched the cake!  Isn't that the way it always is?  You plan and prepare and purchase just for the perfect moment and then your child decides to not like to have his/her hands dirty!  But, as you know, I love those pictures sometimes more than the "perfect" smily pictures.  He was just perfect for me.  Loved the whole session.  Thanks family!!

View from My Camera - Truus

I love this family.  I know I say this a lot, but I really do love this family for many reasons.  One is that they are faithful in coming to me every year to photograph their girls.  So thankful for that.  Another is that their dad is a painter and I trust that if he likes my portraits, he really likes them.  He has such a great eye for art and I am honored to photograph his children.  I also love that their girls are extremely photogenic.  And they are all just super nice and easy to work with.  See why I love them?!  Happy Birthday Truus!!

View from My Camera - Andrew

Andrew was really a breeze to photograph.  And one of my favorite parts about his session is that I have been waiting for him to come see me for a while.  HIs sweet aunt bought his mom a Newborn Package for a baby shower gift and I couldn't wait to meet him and his parents.  Wasn't that the best shower gift?  A present that he won't outgrow, or go out of date in a few years.  I just loved being a part of the surprise and gift.  Can you guess where his parents went to school?!  


View from My Camera - Bo

Bo is a sweet precious baby boy.  I was honored to photograph his sister when she was a baby and then his mom called me recently to photograph her Bo.  He has had a difficult first six months of his life.  His parents aren't completely sure of all of the disabilities he has or will have. But that didn't stop him from being a breeze to photograph.  He has killer blue eyes and lashes that go on for miles.  And when did he smile?  When his sister, snuggled close to him.  The best.  Thank you Bo, for a very fun morning.

View from My Camera - Claire

This is my fourth session with Claire and maybe our most fun.  Claire is now 18 months and isn't as still as she was when she was a newborn!!  And she now has a little bit of fear of adults.  Which makes is slightly hard to photograph her when she started crying and squeezing her eyes shut every time she saw me!!  But fortunately my girls were at the house and we had such fun playing with bubbles, and many toys.  So much fun that she wouldn't release any of them!  See if you can find our toys.  I use the pink pig often because it is hidden easily, but our green frog stands out a bit too much!  I love Claire's parents.  They are some of my kindest clients and friends.  Let me know what you think!

View from My Camera - Tiffiney

There are many people in my life that I love.  But there are few people that I love and who can emphasize with most every part of my life - being a mother, wife, believer, small business owner and photographer.  Tiffiney is one of those few.  Words can't express the blessing she has been to me in the past few years and really months.  I am so thankful to her.

So when she wrote and asked if I would take pictures of her and her daughter I was so honored - and nervous!  It is scary taking pictures of another photographer because she knows all of my tricks!  And she knows if I really don't know what I am doing.  :)  But, as she always does, she put me at ease and it was such a breeze to photograph her.  She is so beautiful and knows how to work a camera.  I hope she loves these pictures as much as I do!!  Enjoy!

View from My Camera - Macy

Macy made me work for it!  She gave me her "Blue Steel" look for most of the session.  But I kind of love those photos best!  She is so beautiful and so is her family.  I have been blessed to photograph her and her brother since they were born.  After a week of snow I needed a fun and easy session.  Her mom and I laughed and talked through the whole session.  Enjoy these pictures!!

View from My Camera - Snow Day!!

I don't know if you know this or not, but we had a lot of snow at our house this week.  What?!  You did too?  Oh, that's right…  the whole East Coast was bombarded by Pax.  But let me back up.

I started this week with a spur-of-the-moment trip to Washington DC with my husband.  He has been working for about 8 years to help get the judge he works for elevated from her current Federal Magistrate appointment to a Federal District appointment.  And this week she had her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee!  We were all so proud of her.  Here was the view from our cab that morning.



But we returned to SNOW!!!  Our snow bunnies were sweet enough to sit for a few pictures this morning.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture.  Enjoy!!


It was about time...

Well, it was about time.  Time for a new look.  Time for a new SBP.  New pricing, new products, new website, new packaging, new logo, new programs, everything new.  Except for me!!

A couple of weekends ago I went with my photog bestie, Tiffiney Addis (, to the mountains to figure everything out for my business.  I can talk about my business with anyone, but it is different talking with another photographer who is going through the same struggles you are going through.  We worked a ton, laughed a lot, and got very little sleep, but it was so worth it.  For me and for you.  These were changes that needed to be made a long time ago.  I am so grateful to her.

If you haven't checked out our website, or inquired about new products, please do so.  I do all of this work for you, so I want you to be a part of these new changes!  Can't wait to photograph you and your family in 2014. 


Why I love my job - Sara's new baby

There are many reasons why I love my job:  I get to be creative every day, I am able to play with my kids when they get home from school, I can help provide for my family. But, maybe the reason I love most of all is I get to meet crazy, fantastic people that I probably wouldn't know otherwise.  I am able to watch their kids grow from the moment that they are born until they start Kindergarden and hopefully through graduation (haven't been a photographer that long yet!).  I am able to build relationships so that when they loose their mother to cancer, I mourn with them.  And when they celebrate with the birth of a new baby, I am truly happy for them and am thankful for a new child to delight me and make me smile.  I am so very blessed and lucky.

It is the stories behind the photographs I take that I love.  The people behind the matching outfits and smiles.  The daddies who just don't want to be photographed but warm up as we talk about football.  The brothers who aren't too sure about their new baby sister, but delight in the first time they are able to hold her and I am there.  The moms who haven't slept all night because her 7 day old baby has her days and nights mixed up and I am able to cuddle and swaddle and soothe her baby during our session so she doesn't have to.  And when she comes back a week later to look at the pictures her baby has already changed entirely and she can't believe that they were once so teeny and slept so much!   So, I want to start sharing these stories with you - these people with you.  I am excited for you to meet my friends.

I couldn't think of a more perfect story to tell you first.  I have been about to burst to share this news with you all.

On a crazy day in the beginning of October I received this text:

Hi Susan it's Sara! I'm wondering if you can do a very special photo shoot for me. As you may recall C. and I went through ivf ten years ago unsuccessfully so we adopted beautiful K. and A. Well apparently all I had to do was turn 40 because I'm pregnant!! Total surprise/ shock. We are not telling many people because we thought it would be fun to announce it in our Christmas cards. I found a couple of cute ideas online I can show you but was wondering if you could take pics in mid/late Nov so my belly can show more and you could do our cards? What do you think? I'm 11 weeks but am showing since they have me on progesterone to decrease chance of miscarriage.

To say I was shocked is an understatement!  I had the joy of photographing Sara's second child when he was first adopted as a newborn and then have photographed both of her children since.  I knew that they were not able to have children on their own so when I read this text I reread it many times until it finally sunk in.

So, we started planning for the session.  She warned me that she and her husband really didn't like to be photographed - but the designs we chose for the card included everyone.  We worked out our schedules so that her husband could be there and then we waited for the session.  I was a little nervous for him to get there.  Dads are always a little hard because they really, really don't want their picture taken.  But he was so sweet and kind and actually so excited to be there.  He even talked Sara into taking a family picture.  He was such a proud daddy - of all three of his kids.  And Sara and I talked about maternity clothes, pains of a growing belly and other fun pregnancy stuff.

I might have been as excited as she was - but really I couldn't ever be.  She had dreamed of this moment since she was ready to have children.  Not really of the photography session or Christmas cards, but the chance that she would be able to carry a child of her own.  Now don't get me wrong - she loves her older children more than life itself.  These children were born to be adopted by Sara.  They have been since the moment they were conceived.  So, even though I know that Sara won't love her three children any differently, she is now able to experience something that she wasn't able to before.  The "annoyance" of maternity clothes, heart burn, sleepless nights, and hunger pains are all joy to her.

And I got to be a very small part of it all.  Me!  I love Sara because she loves photographs and uses many photographers to get them - Santa pictures, Easter pictures, etc.  But she chose me to photograph the biggest surprise she has ever been able to reveal.  They chose me to help them announce to their friends that their family will be adding one more child to love.   It was kind of unreal and so exciting.

So, here is her Christmas card.  I have been waiting to share it with you all and am about to burst.  SARA IS HAVING A BABY!!!!

Rudolph Frontsm
Rudolph Frontsm
Rudolph Insidesm
Rudolph Insidesm
Rudolph Backsm
Rudolph Backsm

Cackling Kids is this weekend!!

Hi Everyone!  We are so excited that Cackling Kids is finally here.  We are getting the house and yard all decorated and ready for your arrival.  Some of you are new to this day so I wanted to let you know what the morning looks like.  And for repeat fans, there are just a few reminders.  Let me know if you have any further questions.  And don't forget to RSVP if you still haven't.  You can even let me know the day before, I just want a rough head count.  Thanks!!


* Because our first hour time slot is about twice the size as our second I am adjusting the letters a little bit.  Don't really care when you come, just want to keep your wait time to a minimum.

A-J: 9-10

K-Z: 10-11

* When you arrive, you will fill out a form to let me know how many donated items you have brought and how many pictures you need.  Then you will receive a number and can play games in the front yard until your number is called and you are ready to be photographed in the back.  You will also leave your donated items here and pay the $15 fee/family.

* Our attendance is going to be up from last year so I will really need to stick with about 2 minutes per family.  If you have been with me before, you know that I work very fast and can get a lot done during those two minutes.  However if your child is fussy I might ask you to wait for a bit until they calm down, photograph another family, and then bring you back in.

* As I said before, I don't care what I photograph, e.g. kids separately, kids together, kids with friends, it doesn't matter to me.  I will do whatever you need me to do - just remember that I only have a short amount of time per family.  Don't worry.  Your child will definitely get photographed.  It just might take a few tries, but that is OK - I don't mind.

* That being said, bring whoever makes your child smile the best - or most comfortable.  Because I have a limited time with each family I won't be able to do a lot to build a relationship with your trick-or-treater before photographing them.  So, this is a time when I really need the parents help.

* I will look through the photographs and choose my favorites per the pictures you have asked for (individuals, groups, etc).  As soon as they are ordered and printed, we will mail them the following week.

* As for games, in the past we have had face painting, decorating pumpkins, craft table, "bob" for donuts, ring toss, etc.  We have plenty there to keep your family occupied while you wait.

* We don't have any rain plans so check back with this blog to see if the even has been cancelled.  It is calling for sun so we should be fine.


Here are some kids from last year.  Can't wait to see how big they have gotten in a year!

Cackling Kids 2013 Details

As promised, here are more details for our Cackling Kids event on October 26, 2013.  We have heard back from Frazee Dream Center and have a list of items that they currently need.  We have grouped some of the items together.  So each item or items below donated will equal one 5x7.  Bring as many items as you would like pictures in return.  There are no limits to donations.  The items to be donated are:

Box of Ritz crackers

Can of spaghetti sauce

4 rolls of toilet paper

2 rolls of paper towels

We will have games, crafts and face painting for your children while you wait to be photographed.  Please RSVP and let us know if you have any further questions.  Thanks!


Cackling Kids 2013

We are hosting our annual Halloween Charity Event once again this October and are excited to see you all there again.  If you haven't come before, you are missing out.  It is my favorite mini-session event we do, by far.  I love seeing all of the kids in their Halloween costumes even if it is for a split second.  Last year I photographed straight for 2 hours.  It was a crazy morning, but so worth it.  

This year we are again supporting Frazee Dream Center.  I posted a little bit about this organization last year on the blog.  I need to finalize the donated items that they need and will post that soon.


We liked the way we reorganized last year so have decided to stick with it for this year.  Here is a flyer for more information.  Can't wait to see you all soon!!


If you can't read the flyer, here is the important information:


Saturday, October 26, 2013

9:00 - 10:00 [A-M last name]

10:00 - 11:00 [N-Z last name]


one donated item = one 5x7

I'm Published!!

My pictures have been in magazines and newspapers before, but never like this.  I am so so excited because my studio was published this Fall in Studios magazine.  Thank you to those who encouraged me to submit my business for review.  I am so honored to be chosen.  See what you think and go buy a copy!  

Superheroes & Cupcakes - and Princesses too!

We are so excited to offer our very first birthday party for your children.  We love your children about as much as you do.  We love them jumping off of couches, running as fast as they can, getting cake all over their faces, talking non-stop, laughing, and giggling.  We love them in mismatched clothes, plastic high heels, Darth Vader helmets with Superman capes, petticoats and high-tops, stripes and plaids.  We love them all - just the way that they are.  And we want to celebrate them before everyone scatters for the summer.

This year, we are offering mini-mini sessions for the first time.  I mean, who really wants their kids to try to sit for a session for more than 10 minutes?!  Less stress for everyone.  And since we are offering new mini-mini sessions, we thought we would offer new packages as well as discounted pictures.  We must be crazy!!

After you pay for your session, pick one of the packages that you would like to purchase.  Then you will receive 20% off of every picture you want to purchase.  Crazy right?!  But the catch is that you have a week to make your decisions.  Before school ends, and everyone leaves for the summer the orders are due.  I mean, who wants to order pictures once the kids are home all day anyway?!  Help me help you is how I think of it.  It is a win for both of us.

So, look over all of the information below.  Call Naomi soon to schedule your time.  Just as a note - our Spring Event was booked the first day we opened scheduling so if you are at all interested, call soon.

We can't wait to see your cute kids!

If you can't read the image above, here is what it says:
$32 session fee*
4 packages to choose from:
A:  3 5x7's of your favorite 3 images (9 total 5x7's) = $135
B:  3 4x6's matted and framed = $120
C:  50 5x7 party invitations or thank you cards = $75
D:  Framed 8x10 = $60
After you purchase the session fee and package above 
you will receive 20% off portraits purchased for one week only.

10 min. mini-sessions scheduled every 15 min.
All images will be online by June 2.  
Orders must be placed by June 9.
20% off only valid from June 2 - June 9.
Galleries will be removed after this date.

*session fee includes tax