Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Baby Burke

Burke, Burke, Burke.  Burke is another baby I photographed and I knew that my career had changed for the better.  As I said in an earlier post, when I decided to start my business as a photographer I e-mailed all of my friends.  As unnerving as that was, it was really safe.  I still needed to step out of my comfort zone and take pictures of "strangers."  In walk Burke...  In my neighborhood, the women have a "Ladies Night" once a month.  A couple of days before Halloween I met a girl at a Ladies Night that was 9 months pregnant.  We talked for about 10 min and nothing was mentioned about our careers.  Then, I saw her again during our neighborhood Halloween parade and she was carrying her baby.  I was so excited.  An actual newborn to photograph!!!  I prayed that God would give me the strength to talk to her and who would ring my doorbell that night but Burke!!  I told his mom about my new career and wondered if she wouldn't mind me using her couple day old baby as a model.  She said Yes!!!  Can you believe it??!!  It was wonderful.  So, there after I was known as the photographer of the "baby in the chair."  I am constantly trying to reproduce that photoshoot or build from it.  And, I have seen other photographers use the same concept in their work.  How cool!!!  Burke's mom is also awesome because she asked me a few weeks later to photograph her 12 member extended family (I hadn't done that before either).  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards this family.  Thank you. Here are some before and after shots.  The third picture is from his 6 month session and then last week.  Happy Birthday Burke.