Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Wilson

Wilson is a new Baby Program client and I was so excited to meet him.  His mom called me in the summer to tell me that she was moving to the Upstate to have her baby because her husband was leaving soon to go to Iraq.  She told me that they had a week to get the pictures done because he was only going to be able to come back for a week after the birth.  Then she called me and told me that they had scheduled Wilson's birth, we scheduled the appointment and waited for his arrival.  I couldn't wait to meet all of them.  Well, I waited and waited each day to hear from his mom and finally got a call, but it was from his dad.  It turned out that while in the hospital, his mom got the flu.  He and his dad were sequestered in another home so that Wilson wouldn't get sick.  I couldn't believe it!!!  So, his dad had waited to come back to the states to spend time with his wife and new baby, and he couldn't see her.  Fortunately, his dad was allowed one more week here and he was able to spend time with both of them.  So, for his appointment Wilson brought his dad and grandmother.  I loved meeting all three of them.  Wilson also brought the surprise cradle that his dad made him while overseas.  I was finally able to meet his mom for the viewing appointment.  I can't wait for the next session.