Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Getting Ready for Church

You might or might not know that I basically stopped fighting my kids for what they were going to wear since my oldest was 18 months old.  He was able to verbalize pretty early and he would fight me from a very young age on what I picked for him to wear.  We had a lot of mornings of crying until I finally gave in.  So, I often do not pick what they wear.  Joe thinks that we are doing a huge disservice to our kids because they think that what they wear doesn't look crazy.  I am praying that they will find out before they come of the age where they will be made fun of at school! Anyway, currently Louie is my most eccentric dresser.  She is my most eccentric child in almost everything, but definitely in her attire.  So, tonight I told her to get dressed for church.  She was wearing the green/teal dress that I just bought her and some pajama pants.  So, she brought me this outfit.  What you can't see is the USC cheerleader skirt underneath the two dresses.  Yes, she has on two dresses, a skirt and Furman sweatpants.  I am assuming that people at church knew that I didn't dress her!!!  ;)

My favorite part of this picture is that I told her that I wanted to take her picture.  She went and stood in front of the wall and posed herself!  Too cute!!!  She's a keeper.