Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I should be thankful for the rain.  And most days I really am.  We have been in a drought and I am so thankful that we aren't this year.  But, we have a huge mud pit in our backyard (although it is getting smaller).  I know our contractor wants to work, but he can't.  I think we have been able to work about one-two days a week this past month.  And I can't take pictures when it is raining.  If there isn't any light outside, there isn't any inside.  It is a bummer!!!  Aahhh, rain.... Louie was decked out in rain goulashes and an umbrella most of the day.  She was so excited to accessorize!

On Monday they were able to build the walls for the foundation and then filled it in right before the rain came on Wednesday.  I am so thankful for the house moving vertically!!