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Happy Birthday Uncle Dave!!!

Happy Birthday to You!!!Happy Birthday to You!!! Happy Birthday dear Uncle David, Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Happy Birthday Dave. We are so sorry that we can't be with you on your special day to help you celebrate. But we all wore green today and talked about you all day. Huey made you a card and a special "ornament" that we will get in the mail. She already has it in an envelope. She and Louie are holding them in the picture.

Speaking of... as I have told you all before, it is always harder to take pictures of your own children than it is for a "stranger" to do it. So, I will unfortunately consistently prove that to you on this blog. Sounds simple right? Have the kids make and hold a sign for one picture for the blog. Simple right? Wrong. Here are some of my attempts. Too cool for school older brother who now holds up a peace sign for every picture. Aaahhhh the things he has learned from 1st grade. Louie for some reason can't ever look at the camera. It is like pulling teeth. And when she does, well, you can see. And Huey is trying her hardest to have her "sweet smile" which comes across so unnatural, but at least she is trying... Enjoy!!!