Capturing the Best in Ourselves


Huey is so very very excited because her Daddy signed her up for soccer.  She read a book recently at school about "filling up people's buckets."  When she told me about it, she tried to give me examples.  She said, "Mama, it is kind of like when I help you fold laundry I fill up your bucket.  And when Daddy signed me up for soccer, he filled my bucket." I am so very proud of her.  This week is her first practice and I am not sure when her first game will be, but I know that she won't sleep the night before.  And a good friend of ours is her coach.  We are so blessed.  Here are some pictures of the two of them practicing one late afternoon at League Middle School.

While I was taking pictures I heard, "Mama, Mama!"  And this is what I saw...