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Exciting Week for the Kids!

It has been an exciting and busy week for the Brewer kids!  I guess we got out all of our fun this week so that we could relax during Spring Break, right?!!  ;) Dewey won a "Terrific Kid" award at Summit Drive on Tuesday.  He and another classmate were chosen by his teacher for this special award from the Kiawanas Club.  I never knew how the people got the "I have a Terrific Kid at ??? School" bumper stickers, but now I know.  His Daddy and I are so proud of him.  He is such a kind and considerate boy.  Here are some pictures from that ceremony.  There were many proud parents and grandparents there.

Dewey also had an "observation" class at Greenville Ballet this Thursday.  This week we could come in a watch their class from inside instead of staring through the window.  He has always been very interested in dance/ballet and after seeing the Nutcracker this December he was hooked.  So, we thought that we would let him try it out.  He has really loved it, although sometimes he's not so sure about being the only boy in the class.  But, again, we are so proud of his confidence to walk in there every week and try his hardest to soak it all up and learn as much as he can.  Right now his goal is to dance in the Nutcracker next year.  We will see if he sticks with it seeing as how he is also playing baseball and basketball.  Whew!  We are all tired!

Then, I told you earlier that Huey is playing soccer this Spring.  She was so very, very excited to go to her first practice.  Little did I know that she thought that people from her school were going to be on her team!  So, she was a little disheartened to learn that she didn't know anyone that night.  But, she was so brave and stuck it out (without me knowing that she was terrified until we got in the car to leave!).  And she wore her Australian soccer uniform in honor of her Aunt Mendy.  Aunt Mendy played soccer growing up and Huey wanted to wear it for her.  We are excited for her to meet new friends and maybe learn something about soccer.  Thanks Coach Brian and Coach Ben!!