Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Nothing Says "Construction Site" like a Porta Potty!

Yep, it is official.  We are knee deep in construction over here and I couldn't be more elated!!!  Today a Porta Potty was delivered to our backyard.  I guess there is really no turning back now!  So for those following the addition - here are some new pictures of our status as of today... Starting on Monday the plumber laid all of the pipes in the fill and then yesterday morning they finished putting the vapor barrier down before the cement trucks arrived.

Then on Thursday after picking up Huey I came home to this view.  I couldn't believe how many people were in my backyard.  And they all worked so hard.  Two of them were here until almost 7:00!  I am so appreciative of their hard work.

Seriously - do my girls not know that they are two inches from strangers??!!!  Huey would NEVER be this close to someone that she didn't know.  I find it fascinating that a little glass provides her with the feeling of complete protection.  So funny!

Here is the infamous Porta Potty!  It matches our door!  I love the contrast between the latrine and our "normal" daily life.  Although I sure do deal with a lot with pee and poop.  Maybe not too far off from my normal life...  so sad...

Spring has sprung and it reached our transplanted Crepe Myrtle.  Aaawwhhh!!!

Do you think it will make it??!!

So to end our day, Huey wanted to have a picnic on our new slab.  I wanted to get a nice picture of everyone sitting down and eating dinner.  Well...