Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Trip to Indianapolis

You might remember from last year that Joe and I went to the Final Four with a gift for Joe from a friend of ours.  Well, we were surprised to receive the gift again this year.  So, off we went to Indianapolis.  I have to say that we were very excited to not be heading to Detroit this year.  Sorry, Detroit!  We were also excited to celebrate 12 years of marriage.  Joe tried his hardest to supply me with activities not surrounded with basketball, but there was still a lot of basketball.  At least a lot for someone who has no interest in sports whatsoever.  Really.  I could watch a game, seriously watch a game, for 20 minutes and not know who was playing, what the score was, whose basket was whose, who the coaches were, etc.  I just don't have an interest in it.  And four days of basketball is just a little much.  I don't think I even knew who was playing until we entered the stadium!  So, neither of us were surprised when one of the stadium employees came up to me in the second game on Saturday night and asked me if I was feeling OK and if I needed to go to the First Aid station.  I must have looked absolutely miserable!!!!  At that point, I had my head on Joe's shoulder and was playing some game on my phone.  Not really dialed in to my surroundings!!  I tried to look much more involved after that!  ;) So, here are some pictures we took while on our trip.  I brought my camera, but we walked most every place and I didn't lug it around.  So a lot of these are from Joe's camera.  Such the photographer he is.

There were several rainstorms while we were there.  The clouds were spectacular.

Joe was very excited to go to Butler's campus where they filmed Hoosiers and played the actual game there.  So excited!

OK, these are all from Joe's phone...  Waiting for noodles...

Our lovely stadium where we spent so many hours...  ;)

We had so much fun.  Happy Anniversary!!!

There were over 70,000 people each night.  That is a lot of people!

Eating in one of the fun cafe's we found.  When was the last time I ate at a "cafe?!!!"

Joe getting artistic at the German restaurant.

Walking to the stadium Monday night.  Did I say there were a lot of people there?!

Thanks Jeff for a wonderful weekend!!