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What a Difference a Day Makes

Wow!  We left for Spring Break and the house flew up vertically.  By the end of that week we had the framing completed.  And then this week they put up plywood on the exterior and put up the trusses for the roof.  By the way, that was amazing!  The trusses were delivered on Thursday afternoon.  Usually, they are delivered by crane and put up on the roof ready to be placed upright.  But, because of our house location, a crane couldn't get to the back.  So, they carried these heavy trusses to the back in the rain that afternoon.  Then by lunchtime on Friday, they had lifted all of the trusses up to the top of the addition and put in place.  Wow!!  I was so amazed and excited.  I can't wait until next week.  We should be "dried in".  Yay!!!!! Here is a series from a week and a half.  Watch the green grow!!!

Before and after the trusses...

Nothing is more fun than running through an empty house.  This house might be a little more dangerous at this point though!

Taking a break.

We have leaves!!!!!!

Spring in the backyard.

Taking pictures in the rain...

Thursday afternoon after moving the trusses to the back before they went up the next morning.

I hate all of the evil yellow pollen, but it sure looks pretty when it rains!

More pictures of the trusses.