Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Creating the House and other Fun Stuff...

Well, I haven't posted about the house in over a week and a lot has happened.  I was going to give you day by day pictures, but I think I will just show you how it looks today with a few others thrown in there.  Enjoy! Part of the renovation was to increase the windows in the studio.  We redid the windows during Spring Break while I didn't have appointments.  I am so excited about them, and as you can see, Louie is too!

I don't know why, I just think this looks really cool!!!  This is the plumbing for our master sinks.

We now have doors in, but I wanted to show you a view from the current house to the addition.

Louie standing in the master bedroom.

View from the master bedroom.  Love this view!!!

View from another window in the master bedroom.  Yes, this is the tree!!!  We hope it lasts...

So, Friday night, Joe promised the kids that they could camp out in the backyard together.  I opted to look at the stars and then sleep inside!!  Here are the girls waiting for it to get dark.

While we waited, Dewey, and sometimes Huey, played basketball.  Why did he grow up?  For some reason he started 1st grade and then throws up a peace sign when he sees a camera.  What is that?!

OK, I think this is really gross and weird!!!  We have carpenter bees in the addition.  Hopefully they won't stay, but we have several holes now.  So weird.  Here is the end of one while it is digging and another picture of one of the many holes they have created.

Here are pictures from today.   We have most of the windows and doors in!!!!!!!  I am so very, very excited.   And although I don't have a picture, the electrician has started in the interior.