Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Creating the House

The latest in the house... the HVAC and electrical are in and hopefully will be inspected tomorrow. I frustrated the HVAC people today by asking them to move the vents. Oh well. Everything has gone pretty smoothly so far (knock on wood) so I don't mind the little bumps in the road. Now pictures... Here are pictures after they took out the windows in Dewey's future bedroom and then how they filled them in on the addition side.

Here is the platform they built for the HVAC system and then after it was placed in.  I don't know how they got it up there, but I am glad that they did!!


Recessed lights are in...  Yay!!!

Shower lights in both showers and vent in guest bathroom

While I was taking pictures of the house I saw this bird.  There are so many birds around our house.  I have to get a bird feeder this summer.  Anyway, this bird made me laugh.  I wish I had my longer lens, but I still think he turned out cute!

Talking with Grandma...

I am not sure what this is called or all about, but I know that the electricians use it.  I just think it looks neat!

HVAC is in!!!