Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Mud Run

This past Saturday was the St. Francis Mud Run.  This is Joe's third year running it.  It is very surprising that he ran it this year seeing as how after his first year he said that he would never run it again!!  ;)  I would actually never run it, but I am not that adventurous.  So, off he went with gloves in tow and me and the kids were able to go to for the first time to watch.  The kids were so excited to be able to do the Mini Mud Run.  After Joe went off in his group of four we sat down and ate Mud Run hotdogs and set off for their obstacle course.  They were given strict instructions that they could not touch me, hug me, or lay on me once they entered the mud and they were very obedient.  I was very proud and they had so much fun.  Louie looked at me when she ran by one time and said, "I am a big girl."  They also said another time, "We can wash our hair, right?"  I told them that it was their one time to get muddy for the year!!  ;) Here are some pictures of Joe starting the run and then the kids in their own run.