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Creating the House...

Hi All.  Here is a new post about the house.  Our latest progress is that the shingles are going up on the roof this week.  I am so excited!!!  And the electrical and HVAC have been approved.  Next stop...  framing approval and then sheetrock.  Yay!!! So, our tub was placed and then work continued.  But, nothing was done to protect the tub.  I was reassured that it would be covered before tiling because that is when it was most in jeopardy.  Still, saw dust and rain and such started collecting in the tub.  Each day I asked Marty if he could please cover the tub and he assured me that it would be fine.  I finally told him that I didn't want to have to replace it if something bad happened.  He said not to worry because they would be at fault.  But, I told him that I didn't want to ask him for a new tub!!!  I just hate conflict.  So, I was thrilled beyond words when he obliged me with a plywood cover for the tub.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

This week they removed the last sliding glass doors that needed to go from the existing house.  Earlier I posted pictures of the plastic in our breakfast room and the new header in the addition.  Now we can step on the carpet on both sides of the fireplace from the addition.  You can see how far the temporary wall is into the existing space.  Very weird!!!

I realized that I haven't posted about the tiles we choose for the bathrooms.  I have been carrying them around for months and we are so excited to see how it all turns out.  So, I thought you would want to see "before and after" of the tile too.  This pictures shows the wall and floor tiles for the master bathroom.  The large 12x24 tile under the other tiles will be used for the floor and the matching 2x2 tile to the right will be for the shower floor.  The square piece above the 2x2 tile is our countertop.  The smaller 1/2x2 tiles will be behind the mirrors at the sinks.  And the 2x4 subway tile will be in the shower and as the backsplash for the bathtub.  All of the wall tiles are glass.

Here are the guest bathroom tiles.  The red 1x1 glass tiles are for the shower.  The 6x12 white tile is the floor tile and the grey square is the counter.  We are also using the red tile for a backsplash around the counter.  Yay!!!

While I am taking pictures of the house I usually look down to see one of the girls looking sweetly so I will take their picture too.  Here is Louie...

and here is Huey!

Here are the roofers as they finished this side of the roof on the first day.  Joe and I are so impressed.  They worked very hard to blend the existing roof with the new roof.  It looks so nice and they know that Joe is worried about "water intrusion" so they keep assuring us that it will be water tight.  I am so thankful for their hard work.