Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Dr. April

Well, at least that is what my kids call her.  I was thrilled beyond words when I got an e-mail from "Dr. April" saying that she wanted maternity pictures and to start the Baby Program.  I knew that she was pregnant because is our children's dentist.  But, I didn't know that she knew I was a photographer.  Evidently she saw it on their chart that we fill out and then she saw my website and the rest is history!!!  I am so excited for many reasons but two are...  1) I get to watch her baby boy grow.  Yay me!!!  and 2) she doesn't hate us after one of our kids (won't say who) cried through his/her whole last dental appointment!  ;) So, I loved our session together and today is supposedly the day that her baby will be born.  I thought that it would be fitting to post her pictures today in honor of their special day.  Our newborn session is next week and April and I are SO EXCITED.  Not sure who is more excited (which makes me more excited so maybe I win!!  ;)  ).  Oh, and did I mention that one of my favorite maternity pictures if from this session?