Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Creating the House - Trim

Here are pictures from the finished trim.  This is getting exciting!!!  Starting tomorrow, the tile layers and painters will be here.  So, I should have some dramatically different pictures by the end of the week.  Or at least I hope!  And maybe we will have cabinet decisions made.  One could only dream!!  ;)  So here is what our house looks like as of tonight... So, I have said before that when I am out taking pictures of the house, I will look down and see one of my daughters ready for their picture to be taken.  And this day wasn't any different from any others...  here is Louie posing like she did for her dance recital pictures.  Oh, and for those of you asking, yes she dressed herself:  a dress that she wore for her two year old birthday party, another skirt and a red bow.

Here is a look down the sunroom, through the hallway and into the guest bedroom.  Trim is all in and Louie is still posing.  To the left is our breakfast area and this wall is only temporary.  See the thin layer of plastic separating us from the construction?!

Here is our master bedroom and Louie posing...

Well, here is our hallway looking into the right side of the fireplace and into our den (through our other thin sheet of protection).  There is now a door into the utility room.  I am thrilled about this addition.  Oh, and do you like the style of the doors?  I tried to stick with a mid-century modern look.

Think back to past posts and try to remember what this wall used to look like.  The wall straight ahead was the back of our house and there used to be two windows looking into the existing master bedroom (Dewey's future bedroom).  You wouldn't be able to tell that now.  They had to drill through the brick to get all of the electrical in (that was the loudest by far!!), and now you wouldn't be able to tell what it used to be.  How exciting!!