Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Creating the House - Paint and Tile

For those of you watching our house progress, sorry for the delay in posting.  It has been a while and a lot has happened.  Although...  work has kind of stopped around here now.  I have learned so much in this house building process.  Our recent learning topic is that at the end of construction, progress really depends on one another.  In the middle, many people could be working on many things.  But now, our house is on hold until the counter tops go in.  Then the tile can be finished, electrical, plumbing, floors, etc.  But not until the counters go in.  And of course, that was on hold until the cabinets came in which were a little late.  But, spirits are still high...  ;)  I need to take some new pictures, but this is basically where we are. Picture of when they started painting the interior.  They put plastic on all of the windows and sprayed everything.  It was very efficient, but felt very claustrophobic.  The story of my life!!  ;)

Here is the painted hallway with the door into the utility room.  Also we painted the wall on the left of the guest room black.  The opposite wall will have wallpaper on it...  more later!  ;)

Here is before and after of our bedroom.  Yep, it is green!!

Here are some pictures of the master bathroom...  the main walls are a soft grey and the toilet room is a darker grey.  Also, here is a picture of the tile floors going in.

Here is the before and after of the master bath shower...

Picking out the cabinet stain...

The toilets and sinks were delivered!!!!

OK, so we have been going back and forth over the outside trim/siding color.  We were planning on painting it the current color, but we really wanted a change.  But, if we changed the addition siding color then we would need to change the existing siding color.  One thing led to another and now we have changed the color.  It is actually really great because the existing space needed to be painted.  We just weren't originally planning on doing it now!!  Aaaahhhh, construction...  ;)

The first picture is of our paint swatches.  This is the dark color and middle color...  we went with dark!  And then the last picture is of the underside of the soffet of the existing space.  You can see the lighter color above the garage which is all dark now.

Best friends!!!