Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Bag Contest Entry

I hope this is a reminder to you to send me a picture for the SBP Bag Contest.  Only about a month left.  Don't wait!  Send your pictures in soon. Well, I am very emotional and stressed out these days...  more on that later...  So, it isn't a surprise that I almost cried and gasped when I read my e-mail today.  I was so excited and touched!  And I think you will be too.  A great, great client sent their latest entry to the SBP Bag Contest.  What a sweet husband, daddy and client.  I just love it.  Thank you Alex.  Your story and pictures mean the world to me.  Oh, and if you didn't see on facebook, my sister "entered" as well and actually went to Australia - well, she lives there!  (see Alex's note below)  I will post her pictures soon.  Enjoy this latest story...  It is the best, best, best and I can't wait for the free peanuts!!!!  ;)

Quite a journey for the Susan Brewer bag.  My wife told me Susan Brewer was having a photo contest, and being that we are big fans of Susan, we thought what a great opportunity.  Now, we are not the most creative or artistic people, but one we think we have a chance to win is the “furthest from Greenville” category.  So, while preparing for travel my wife reminded me about 20 times to not forget “the bag”, and off I went.

“Go West, young bag, go West”.  The bag went West, going to Shanghai, China (via Chicago).  Shanghai, China is 7,632 miles from our beautiful Greenville.

In Shanghai, the bag visited the World Expo.  Here it is standing in front of the Chinese pavilion.  The bag also happened to be there the same day Hillary Clinton was visiting the Expo.  It “rubbed seams” with famous politicians… Of course, me being Brazilian, the bag also had to pose in front of the Brazilian pavilion.  Good food and preparing mentally for the World Cup of soccer. The bag also appears with the iconic Shanghai city skyline.  The tower on the left is the Oriental Pearl Tower, a very tall and famous observatory and antenna.  The building on the right with the open square at the top (looks like a bottle opener), is the third tallest building in the world - the Shanghai World Financial Center, standing at 1,614 feet.

The bag then continued on its long journey and headed to India – still going West.  But on the way stopped at the Hong Kong International airport for a lay-over.  Needed to rest a little.  Hong Kong is 8,351 miles from Greenville.  At some point (but no photo to prove it) the bag was in an airplane at the exact opposite end of the earth from Greenville – somewhere between China and India.

Eventually, tired, the bag made it to Mumbai, India where it took pictures all over the city.  Mumbai, India is 8,384 miles from Greenville.  Here is the bag in front of the Gateway of India.  The Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary of England to Bombay in December 1911.  I was constantly trying to get the guys with the giant balloons out of the picture, but they were insistent in trying to sell me something… Here is a picture in front of the the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, the most famous and luxurious hotel in Mumbai.  Unfortunately, this hotel was part of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in late November 2008 and is under very tight security these days.  But regardless, it is a beautiful building – both inside and out.Ultimately, the bag kept going West, and by the time it was all done the Susan Brewer bag had gone around the world (via New York) back to Greenville.  This completed a long journey where the bag was able to witness two of the fastest and most exciting economies of the world and log a lot of frequent flyer miles.  But the bag surely was glad to be back in our beautiful Greenville.

So in conclusion, we figure that unless someone went with the bag to Australia or New Zealand, we have got this one “in the bag”!

PS: I think the bag is “gold status” on Continental Airlines now.  It might get free peanuts next time…