Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Bag Contest Entry

Here is one of our latest bag entries.  I just love this contest!!  Joanne and her husband went to Seattle and Vancouver recently.  She went for her board review and he went along to sight-see.  She just finished her hospital residency and in a couple of weeks will be in the "real world".  I know she is thrilled to finally be done with school.  Do you think she will now get some sleep?!  Pray for her and the other residents on August 10th when they are taking their boards. But, back to their trip!!  So here is some of her notes on Seattle...  "we had a rough start to Seattle - bad cab ride, cancelled rental car, etc. so a lady at the hotel wanted to make our stay better so she told us about the best pic spot in town.  We drove up a huge hill and found this amazing site and met some great people."  Here are the pictures taken from that site...

Then while in Vancouver they went to the 2010 Winter Olympics Torch.  Here are her notes from these pictures...  "we paid $2.50 in quarters to park at a meter to take pics of the Olympic Flames."  I told her that those were very expensive pictures!!!  But she said her husband "was determined to see everything in Vancouver."  Love it!!