Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Bag Contest Entry

Betsy and her family recently went to Milwaulkee with her husbands work.  Betsy is a great, great friend of mine and has been since we moved here almost 5 years ago (that is hard to believe!).  And her little boy was one of my first Baby Program clients and her oldest daughter was one of my first "regular" clients, and now her youngest daughter is a current BP client.  I love her for many reasons.  Two are because she has been my friend forever and second because she became my client before I had a portfolio - she believed in my from the beginning.  Thanks Betsy!  And now she has entered our SBP Bag Contest.  Yay!!!!  Here is her entry... "At our house, we put our Susan Brewer bag to work! After a hot and humid summer of transporting groceries every week, we treated our bag to a vacation. Now where would a bag like to go on vacation? No fancy trips around the world or luscious beaches for our trusty bag. Nope, we filled her with books and toys and took her to Milwaukee!! She's always dreamed of going to Milwaukee with 3 children (ages 4, 2, and 4 months). She wouldn't have dared to miss A's first plane trip, W's potty training in the airport & airplane bathrooms (the bag should have taken more hand sanitizer), or C's thorough instructions about what to do in case of an emergency. We're back home now and I have to say that I think our bag is enjoying her rest in the pantry before I take her to the grocery store and fill her up again. A woman's work is never done!"