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Creating the House - Before and Afters

Hello All!  It has been a while since I last wrote about our house.  This summer has been a little crazy and I have been overwhelmed about the house, to say the least.  But, I am doing a lot better now and am ready to start posting again about our progress.  I kind of stopped taking progress pictures because the house was just so gross.  During July the contractor worked in the existing space to replace our floors and fix our den and so everything was/is covered in dust.  Everything!!!  So, I guess I didn't want to remember that part.  But, we are slowly but surely getting everything cleaned up and I am decorating like crazy!  So, I am excited to start showing pictures again.  I thought that since I don't really have entire house progress pictures, I would show you one room at a time.  I will show you the before picture and then the after picture.  I hope you can see the changes that we have made.  Yippee!!! Alright - our first Before and After is Huey's room.  I have been planning her room in my mind for at least a year, but probably since she was born!  Her room is probably the most finished room in the house except for a few pictures/magnet boards and curtains to be hung.  Let me know what you think.


Every room in the house was painted cream with cream trim.  The bedrooms and bathrooms also had cornice boards above the windows with curtains and carpet on the floors.


Since last year, we have painted everything in the rooms - ceilings, trim, walls, and closets.  And this summer we replaced the carpet (yay!).  Huey's room is a pale pink with a navy blue accent wall.  Her grandmother, aunts and I made her quilt (of course she likes the back best!) and on the edge of the bed is her baby quilt that Grandma made for her when she was born.  We found the gate at an antique store in Asheville and painted it white for her head board.  Every princess needs a chandelier, and I thought this one was precious for a girls room.  Her bedside lamps are from Ikea.  And we found her bedside table at an antique store on the side of I-25 going towards Asheville.  And to the right of her bed is a sampler that her wonderful Aunt Linda made for her when she was born.  Thanks Aunt Linda!!

Hung above her bookcase on the left of her room is a mirror that matches her headboard.  And above that is a wreath that we bought from Royal Buffet.  If you haven't been to her etsy shop, you need to go there soon.  She is an amazing artist and I can't wait to decorate our house with more of her goodies!

Our latest addition to Huey's room is an "art chair".  I got this idea from an article I read at about a Mom who let her children's classmates decorate her cream ornate sofa in her living room with markers.  Didn't think I was that brave, but just loved the idea for a kids room.  Huey loves art and I am so excited to have a huge piece of art in her room that she can create and change whenever she wants.  So, these pictures are of her first drawings, but when the feeling hits her she will add to it through the years.

Hanging above the chair is a painting that we created at her 5th Birthday Party.  Each person that came painted a little on this canvas to give her a piece of art.  I just love it.  And then above that is a "lantern" made from tissue paper pom-poms, paper lanterns, another beautiful garland from Royal Buffet and string lights.  I got this idea from as well.  I just love that site!  I just think it is a cute little corner for Huey to be inspired...  hopefully!

OK, and last, but not least.  We hung Aunt Mendy's paintings above Huey's dresser.  She made these for her niece when she was born.  We were living in Charlotte and weren't sure how long we would be there.  So instead of painting the walls, Aunt Mendy painted a flower on canvas' that we could take with us.  And Huey thinks Aunt Mendy is "so famous" because she is so talented.  If we could all be like A.M.  Thank you!!!