Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Creating the House - Before and After

Here is another installment in the "Before and After" section of our renovations.  This part of the house most of you have probably seen, but I think it is still worth seeing the before and after. Before = all of the moulding in the house was cream including all of the trim around the front door and the back of the door.  Also, you can see a strip of grass cloth wallpaper above the doors that was also on the walls in the entryway and hallway.  The floors in the entryway were made from some type of stone.  And you can see the A/C vents in the floor that had to fill in with concrete because the old A/C system was under the house and filled with water and mud.  Can you believe we bought the house?!  But we were so blessed because the sellers paid to have a new system put in the ceiling before we closed on the house.  So, these two vent covers just protected the holes that were left.

After = We painted all of the trim/moulding white and the back of the doors teal.  In July, all of the floors in the existing space (except for the bathrooms) was replaced and most of them with bamboo hardwood floor.  We put this floor in my studio, office, and kitchen last year and were really pleased with the way it looked.  So, we were so excited to find its match and put it in the rest of the house.  So, the floor was replaced in the entryway and the vent holes were covered.  We found the planter from Ikea, the plants from Home Depot, and the rug is from Target.  Real fancy!!  ;)  And then the wall on the right was painted black (I will show more pictures of that wall later).

So there it is...  our entryway.  I know it is pretty nerdy to take pictures of you front door, but this might be one of my favorite parts of the house!  Come and see it!!