Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Bag Contest Entry

Our latest entry to the Bag Contest is from Lucy.  Lucy is one of our favorite friends.  She and her husband are always making me do crazy things that I would never do without them like...  camping in December with freezing weather and rain!!!  The latest thing they have talked me into is an Avitt Brothers concert at a state fair in October.  Aaahhh me...  we love them and their son very much. Lucy is also the Youth Minister at our church.  She took the Youth to Alaska this summer for a mission trip and lucky me, she took her bag too!!  Her first description of the pictures was this: "These photos were taken at a Tlingit Native American Totem Park Village in Ketchikan, Alaska."  When I asked her for another description, she and one of the Youth came up with these...  they made me laugh!  Thanks Lucy!!  Let me know which one is your favorite.

"Does this bag look good with my war paint? Because it’s sorta hard to get off and I really love the bag...."

"This pole represents the famous Tlingit legend of when Okka Chooka  went shopping without a bodyguard. They mounted the piece in the center of the village to remind everyone that safety and cool bags are a number one shopping priority with the tribe."

"All the other beavers think they're soo cute with their Vera Bradley- they have no idea."