Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Hampton

Hampton, Hampton, Hampton.  Thank you for being so easy this session.  Hampton's aunt is one of my best friends.  So, he and I go way back!  His family lives in Hendersonville and are so kind to sometimes use me as their photographer.  So, on Memorial Day they made the trek down to visit family and to take Hampton's pictures.  Well...  as luck would have it, it rained all day.  So we weren't sure that we could have our session.  But, the sun came out for a quick minute and called and told them to come now!!  So, they rushed over to find me in my pajamas.  Yep, very professional.  Huey was very sick with high fevers and we had been up with her off and on that night and she was laying on the couch very sick.  Not to worry...  Hampton's parents are doctors and his mom was able to give us some guidance on medication.  Off went Joe to get more medicine and we started on the session.  As luck would have it, Huey started throwing up again in the middle of the session and I had to run and deal with her while Hampton waited so patiently for me to sterilize everything and get back to my camera.  He was such a perfect angel.  If we didn't have the interruptions, his session would have lasted 10 minutes.  Still, I think they were there for 30 minutes before the sun hid again and we had to stop.  But, by then we had hundreds of pictures to choose from.  He really was perfect.  Thanks Hampton.  You helped make that day so much better! By the way, for those of you wondering...  his mom was forewarned that Huey was sick before they came and I made sure not to touch him and cleaned my hands constantly during our session.  She was so laid back.  I just love doctors!!  ;)