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Creating the House - Before and After

My latest installment of Creating the House...  Before and After.  Tonight I am posting about our little black bathroom.  Believe it or not this room was one of the major selling features for Joe.  He just loved it!  And had it designed before we signed the papers.  As you can see, we started with a cream and green wallpapered room, and a pink toilet and sink.  We left most of the major fixtures the same - toilet, sink, counter, and floor.  Then one of the first tasks we tackled last year was to remove all of the wallpaper in the house.  We had wallpaper in the hallway (actually, double wallpaper with grasscloth as the top layer), in the dining room/now office (double there too) and in all of the bathrooms.  So we rented a steamer and spent several days scoring and steaming all of the walls.  It took us forever.  Joe was trapped in this room for hours trying to get the wallpaper down.  We didn't have a vent in there yet and it was so hot and humid.  We couldn't leave the door open when he was working behind the door and it was unbearable.  After all of the steam cleared, we painted it black.  Yes, black!!  And Mom painted the cabinets, door and trim white.  As a house warming gift, Mom and Dad bought us the light and hung it for us.  We cut down the mirror and framed it with one of my favorite frames that I offer.  I just love it!!  It was one of our first finished rooms and one of our favorites.  Let me know what you think!! Here is the Before picture.  Notice the beginning stages of wallpaper removal with the missing paper, scorer, and putty knives.

And here are the After pictures.  I wish hexagonal tile wasn't so expensive because I would use it everywhere.  Hope it lasts!!