Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Jan 20

This week marks another milestone for the Brewers.  A little over a month ago, Louie moved into her "big girl bed."  We were all so excited for her and she LOVES it.  She hasn't gotten out once on her own.  It is really cute.  Well, now that she has a BGB, she also has a big girl quilt which doesn't match her room.  When I was pregnant with Louie, her grandmother decided that she was not going to get shafted on her room just because she was the third and so she was going to have a mural.  So, my mom, my sister and a very pregnant me, all hand painted murals in her room to match her bedding.  We all worked very hard on it.  But, now she needs a room that matches her new bedding.  So we are going pink.  Hopefully Dewey won't be too jealous.  Mom and Dad are coming on Thursday and we are repainting the room.  But, because we didn't want creepy animals peeking from behind the pink we had to sand the walls.  So tonight Daddy and I sanded her room.  It is the end of an era.  Kind of sad.  Here is Louie (being held by Daddy) smiling in front of the mural that used to be over her crib.  Bye circus room.  You were very good to us. 090120