Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Our Summer

I am terrible at taking pictures of my family.  Just terrible.  I see moms all of the time with their cameras out at the perfect event and I am never that mom.  I miss the parties, and playgrounds, zoos, and parks.  But, every once in a while I remember to pull out my camera and take a picture.  Here are a few of my favorite from this summer... Huey had a soccer themed birthday this year.  Needless to say she is now so over soccer, but at the time, it was her thing.  Oh, and she never really liked playing soccer, but she wanted a soccer party and that is what we had.  So, her Aunt Mendy and Uncle Craig sent her an official soccer jacket and we gave her a soccer ball.  I also made her a sign so that everywhere she went people would say, "Happy Birthday!!!"  I think she had a great day.

At H and L's school they have birthday Celebrations for each child around their birthday.  During the celebration the teacher and child make a timeline of every year since they were born.  They walk each picture around the circle and then the completed timeline.  Here is Huey's timeline.  She was so proud!!

For her birthday, Grandma and Grandad took her out to buy new shoes.  She picked Keen's just like her Grandaddy.  Here they are with their matching shoes.  So cute!!

So every once in a while our girls decide that they want to match.  You would think it would be more seeing as how their grandmother and I are constantly buying them matching clothes.  But, it isn't that often.  Still today they decided that they wanted to match.  Here is what they picked out.  Best friends forever!!  Or at least for today...

Dewey played baseball again this year and loved it.  He also loved having his daddy coach his team.  His really good friend's dad was the head coach and Daddy was the assistant.  Here they are at the end of the year picnic.

Dewey is losing his teeth.  Yes, I know....  it is terrible!!!  For many reasons, especially two.  #1:  It is a fact.  He is growing up and I can't stop him.   #2:  I had always heard that you want to get your kids pictures taken before their teeth start falling out and now I know why.  Adult teeth are killer on a child's smile.  They are just so huge!!!  Here is Dewey with his first top tooth gone and the second top tooth very wiggly.  Gross!!!  ;)

I will try to make this short...  One day Huey starting coming home asking if she could bring Sally the gerbil home for the summer.  I tried to deflect and kept saying that I would need to talk to the teacher.  Then her story started changing and I quickly realized that she and the school thought that we were keeping Sally.  By that point, I just couldn't let her down so we kept a gerbil for the whole summer.  Yep.  Renovations, summer trips and a gerbil.  Still, true to her character Huey was a perfect mommy to Sally and I didn't have to do a thing.  A perfect pet for the summer.  Thanks Huey for teaching me how to be flexible and nurturing.  Here is the day we brought her back to her rightful home.

First day of school for Dewey.  Everyone was so excited and the girls were so proud of him.  Especially the older one...

Here is each child on their first day.  So cute!!

OK, so I don't have pictures of Dewey's birthday to post.  I know I am terrible.  Dad took all of the pictures.  But, here are some from Louie's party.  She had a pajama party.  The kids wore their pajamas and we watched a Classic Goofy movie with popcorn.  Here is Louie watching the movie in front of our wallpapered wall.  I will have more pictures of this room later when I get it put together.  Oh, and she was so excited because I let her take her blanket out of the room for her party.  See her sucking her finger?!  So bad!

Huey and her best friend laid in the same sleeping bag together and for some reason...  upside down.  Why they decided to lay that way I will never know.  But, they had a great time!

We made tie-dyed pillow cases for all of our guests so I thought it would be fun if her cake matched.  She wanted a red pajama cake and I surprised her with a rainbow cake on the inside.  She was so excited and the rainbow colors just seemed to taste better!!  ;)

Here is Louie's timeline.

For Louie's birthday her Daddy found a card that played the Star Wars theme song.  She was so excited!!

First day of Fall.  Dewey was waiting and waiting for this day and counting down until it was the First Day of Fall.  Not sure why, but we were all excited about apple picking, pumpkins, coats, hot chocolate, pumpkin bread, apple butter, warm blankets, roasting marshmallows...  the works.  So, we had a First Day of Fall Party!!  Or at least tried to.  For our party we went to Nivens Apple Farm to pick apples and eat everything apple that we could.  Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

Have you notices Louie's outfit she put together?!

Happy Fall everyone.  Hope you celebrate every day.