Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Our Summer... through the Phone (part 1)

I am trying to take more pictures with my phone.  As I said in an earlier post, I am terrible about taking pictures.  I don't have a point-and-shoot camera now and I don't like to lug my big camera around everywhere I go.  So, I thought that since I always have my camera and it has a phone I thought that I would use it more.  Here are some random recent pictures from the phone... Dewey took this picture of his sister and wrote a story about her.  He kept yelling from the other room, "H, what is 1+1" and she would answer.  He asked her many math questions and when he came out with the story one sentence was "She can add 1+1, 2+2, 3+3 and 4+4."  Guess he needed to verify it before he could write it down.  Truth in advertising!!  ;)

Before and After

This is one of my favorite pictures ever!!!  We were running a little behind on getting to Huey's art class to see her final art show.  I was rushing every one out of the door and telling them to grab their shoes.  I don't know if it shows the creativity of my kids or our disorganized house, but this is what we ended up with...  Seriously this is what they chose to wear out of the house!

The background picture on my phone...  it was sent to my cousin when she was in the hospital this summer.  You can't imagine how many pictures we took before we got one to send!

Playing in the rain and our man-made waterfalls

Getting all dressed up to see Daddy at work.  Hmmm....

Aunt Mendy and Uncle Craig sent Dewey an ant farm for his birthday.  We ordered the ants and this is the box that they came in.  Disturbing!!!!  ;)

Trip to the waterpark.  Wasn't sure we were going to get in with Daddy's shorts.  He is such a rebel.

We tried to have garage sale one Saturday.  Well, we had one, but I am not sure it was very successful.  The most successful part of the sale was the lemonade stand.  It was the kids first stand and they were so excited!!!  I told them to make a sign and below is what they came up with.  Not sure if you can see it, but there is a vampire lemon being shot by many army men.  Glad the sign didn't deter anyone from buying lemonade!!

Open House day at school.  Here is Huey and one of her  best friends standing in front of the sand paper letters.

Hanging the wallpaper for the TV/Guest Room.

First day of school

Louie and friend watching the Furman football game preshow.  Don't know why they were standing this way, but they did it together.  Very cute!

It rained that game and we got so wet.  Huey took the opportunity to roll on the hill the whole game.  She was covered in grass and a huge smile!

Unbeknownst to us, we had Louie's birthday party on a day when they would close the road to our neighborhood for a little while.  So Joe went to the store to get balloons and other party staples and couldn't leave the parking lot.  So, he walked home.  I came to pick him up and saw this....  I laughed very hard.  What dedication from a wonderful daddy.

Louie and Grandma both have Elmo shirts.  She wore this to school on this day and wanted to send G a picture.  Here is her picture.