Capturing the Best in Ourselves

I am done!!

OK, I know that what I am about to tell you isn't the worst thing that has ever happened to a family.  Not even close.  But, I am done.  Done!!!  Here is what has happened to us in a week: 1 - A week ago Saturday was Furman's Homecoming.  My roommate came into town and she and I went to the bookstore at the beginning of the game.  When we got to the game, Louie had already face planted on the concrete steps and tore up her cheek nose, lip, etc.  She was a mess.  All scabbed up.  And although she was sore and not happy, she quickly loved the fact that her face looked bloody and that she could tell people about it.

2 - On Friday, Louie and I went to Dewey's class for a Halloween party.  We left when I all of the rest of the school left and it was chaos.  I had to go to the office to sign out and Louie followed me.  As all of the kids were pouring out, I was trying to catch Dewey who was trying to catch his friend and I heard, "mommy, Mommy, MOmmy, MOMMY!!!!!!!"  Louie's finger got caught in the hinge part of a heavy metal door and it closed all of the way.  Lots of screaming, bruising, ice, etc.  It still gives me chills to think about it.  So now her pointer finger matches her face!!!

3 - On Saturday, as I said earlier, Joe ran a marathon.  My parents watched the kids for a little bit and when I saw Huey her lip was the biggest I have ever seen on our kids.  It looked like she had a gum-ball underneath her top lip.  It turns out that Grandma was trying to help roll up Huey's pants so that they wouldn't get wet wading in the creek downtown.  They were standing on rocks, slipped and fell and Grandma landed on Huey.  H ended up with a busted lip and G ended up with lots of scrapes and bruises.  So now Huey matches Louie.

4 - So today was a crazy day.  I had many appointments, sessions, client meetings, etc.  I was racing around cleaning up the house and the kids were playing.  While I was filling the dish washer I heard a huge bang and then the girls came running in the kitchen screaming, "You have to come now!!!!!"  It turns out that Dewey decided to sit on top of a mattress that we had propped up against on of our sliding glass doors.  The mattress slipped down the wall and he fell straight on the hardwood floor (or door trim) and hit the back of his head.  There was so much blood.  He ended up with a gash about the size of a quarter that went to his skull.  Surprisingly it only took three stitches.  Joe was out of town and so our bestest friends stood in as husbands to help me out restraining and distracting D and then also taking care of the girls.  Now all three kids match!

So, I am done.  Done!!  No more head injuries.  Can't take it anymore!!!   Seriously though, I am so glad that all of their injuries were minor.  Very thankful...  and done...  ;)

For some reason I only have a picture of Dewey.  Here he is waiting for the numbing gel to fully kick in.  I am posting the happiest one for those who are squeamish.  Don't want to loose any viewers!