Capturing the Best in Ourselves


Many of you have asked me this week if we are doing any better than last week.  And I laugh!  Could you believe that our week got weirder?!  So, recap...  two scraped up faces, swollen lip, smashed finger, three stitches, nerves frayed... Now the update...  little did I know that the same weekend that Huey and Dewey were getting their bruises, my parents both fell.  Dad fell or something like that on a board at Habitat. And then Mom was carrying a big pumpkin and tripped and fell hurting her knees and elbow.  So our disaster circle was growing.  A few days passed and it seemed uneventful.  SATURDAY CAME!!!!!  Yes, Saturday had to come and it did.  Mom was in town and we were all running around getting ready for the day.  I was getting dressed for a session that morning.  Mom and the kids were starting a video chat with my sister who lives in Australia.  I unknowingly run out of our room to talk to the Aussies and Joe tells me that he just got off the phone with his mom.  She tripped the day before and broke her neck.  Yes, BROKE HER NECK!!!!  You couldn't make this up.  We had to ask several times for them to repeat it.  She was cleaning up Joe's grandmothers house and fell on her face breaking her neck, severely hurting her wrist and scraping up her hands and face.  Fortunately it was only one vertebrae so she isn't paralyzed and didn't have to have surgery.  Unfortunately, she will have to wear the neck brace through Christmas and then they will see if she has healed.  The need for surgery will be readdressed then.  We were so worried and scared for her, but are thankful that she is remarkably OK for what it could have been.  I knew there was a reason not to clean!  ;)  On a side note...  that same day Huey got the stomach virus which lasted until Wednesday and I got it on Monday.

So, no.  Unfortunately this week hasn't been better than last week.  It can only go up, right?!  Here's to lots of smiles and laughs here at the Brewer house.  It has been a wild ride.  Care to join us?!