Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Back from Oz

So, it has been forever since my last post.  I apologize to my blog followers.  I hope to do better.  Usually January - March is much calmer for us after the holidays, but it hasn't been that way for us this year.  So, we are still trying to catch up.  And then last Fall we found out that my sister and brother-in-law were pregnant.  Yay!!!  So, I bought my tickets and waited and waited until March 22 when I was able to leave.  While I waited I worked like crazy trying to get everything ready so I could leave in sanity and thus...  no blog entries.  So sorry.  But, I am back now and hopefully will post more regularly. About my trip...  My parents were already in Australia and so I met up with my sister, her husband, Mom, Dad, and beautiful baby Halsey.  She was born 3 weeks before her due date so she wasn't teeny tiny when I got there, but still a peanut.  We were able to have a few photo shoots and see many Australian animals while I was there.  We had a great time.  I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the trip.  Of course, I have loads but these were my favorites from my "nice camera."  Since I can't write captions under the pictures, I will try to list them here.  See if you can find these things:  Halsey's photo shoot near a fig tree; Halsey's photo shoot at the beach (her middle name is Aboriginal for "Born by the Sea"); Halsey's photo shoot in her nursery; Mom and Halsey at the beach; the field where my brother-in-law played Rugby (beautiful field by the ocean); we went to an animal wildlife park and saw lots of indigenous animals 1) kangaroos, 2) wombat (doesn't the wombat look like his trainer?!), 3) koalas, and 4) kookaburras/parakeets; and finally Halsey modeled my new onesies that I have now (isn't she cute?!).

So there it is.  My trip to Australia.  I hope you like the pictures!!