Capturing the Best in Ourselves


So, I guess I am going to have a running commentary of Dewey's injury's on my Blog.  He just seems to have so many of them and they seem to be so dramatic without being too harmful.  Ok, so while playing baseball in the front yard, he was hit by a pop fly ball.  I took this picture after a very long bath, and over an hour of ice packs.  Can you believe that his face looks a lot better?  You can actually see his eye.  Can't wait to see it in the morning... OK, so I was informed that the pictures in this post were pretty gross.  And they are.  So, I am putting a clean picture of Dewey up first and if you want to see the gruesome pictures of him right after the hit and then for the morning after, you are welcome to watch the slideshow.  Sorry for those who lost their lunch reading this post!