Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Spring Event 2011 - New Addition

As you read in my earlier post, we are hosting our Spring Event again this year on April 30.  We have discounted prices for this one day only.  Discounts for up to $300. But I wanted to let you know about a new addition to the event...  as I said in our postcard, I love taking pictures of your kids.  It is a very fun job.  As our slogan states, my goal at SBP is to "capture the best in ourselves".  I want to photograph your children just as they are.  Sometimes I am not able to do that because the session requires for more formal portraits (which I love too).  But, for this day, I want to photograph them being them.  All of their expressions, in their funnest outfit that represents who they are to you.  I want you to look at these portraits and remember your child as you see them today.

Because the packages that we offer for this one day are discounted, I wanted to also offer a frame for these fun, personal portraits.  For this one day only, I will add a package for 6 5x5's and a custom frame with double white mats for $150.  You can't even buy a custom frame of this size for that price.  This price is a savings of at least $205.  You can't beat this deal.

So here is the fine print for this one package:

* I will have several different solid colored backgrounds that we will select to coordinate with your child's outfit.

* These will be "head shots" not "full body" shots.  Also, one outfit and one background per frame.

* For this special price you may purchase one frame package per session.  If you want to purchase multiple frames per session, the additional frames will be at full price.

* The frame may be purchased only for indoor portraits on these specific backgrounds.

* You will have a select group of frames to choose from, but you are welcome to upgrade to a different frame for a discounted price as well.

* Only white on white mats for this specific product, no substitutions.

* $150 is not including tax or the price of the session fee.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!