Capturing the Best in Ourselves

My sweet little girl

My sweet little girl is so like me. Bless her heart. In a recent post I mentioned about my inadequacies in being able to clean.  Well I think she has the same problem! She is just so sweet and such a dreamer. You have to tell her many times to do something. I often have to tell her to focus on what I am saying before giving her instructions because her head is always in the clouds. So today I told her to go and clean her room. I told her to clean off the top of her bookshelf, the top of her dresser and clean up the clothes on the floor. I went in to check on her and she was so proud of herself because she was working really hard cleaning her room by organizing the two baskets in her bookshelf. There were toys everywhere. I just told her how proud I was and had to walk away. Needless to say she never got it done. Poor Huey. She is just so much like me. OK, now for the really funny story I was wanting to write about. Here is another way she is like me... non-athletic and really non-competitive. Really non-competitive. I never played sports and I really want my kids to have that experience. If they hate it, they don't have to. But, I really want them to try. So, Huey decided on her own that she wanted to play baseball. Really I think that she is such a people pleaser that she wanted to do what Daddy and big brother were doing. But, either way we signed her up for Greenville Rec T-ball. Extremely low key. Joe has had her out in the back yard playing baseball for years, so she is by far the "best" on the team. Now granted she is probably the oldest on the team too. She is a head taller than everyone out there. But she is the most focused, follows the directions to the T, completely 100% ready to play T-ball. Until they actually started playing the game. The first time they actually tried to play a game, Huey was assigned to first base. Every time a runner ran to the base, Huey stepped to the side and pointed to the base as to show them where it was. Didn't try to get the ball, or tag them out. Nope. Wanted to help them get to the base. Then, it was time for the big game. Huey was assigned to be the pitcher. We were so proud. So during the game one of the coaches told her to run to Home to be ready to catch the ball in case anyone ran home and she could tag them out. Well, our little girl took that instruction to heart and after every ball was hit she ran to Home plate. Just stood there looking around as mayhem was happening on the field and then when she finally got the ball she neatly placed it back on the Tee for the next batter. Then one time she got the ball as one player rounded third and started running for home. We all were yelling for her to tag him out and she quietly and calmly walked behind him as he was running to the base, allowed him to touch home plate, and then placed the ball on the Tee. We later told her that it wouldn't hurt their feelings if she tagged them out. She really didn't care.

It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Joe called her the "team administrator". Next time I am going to bring her lemonade to hand out to the players while they are out on the field!!!

Here she is listening to the coach after the game. Bad angle because you can't tell how tall she is with the little boy in the back. She is so cute!!!  Oh, and you can see Joe and the other munchkins in the back listening as well.