Capturing the Best in Ourselves

My latest personal assignment: Georgia O'Keefe

As a photographer I always need to push myself to try new things.  Of course, when do I have time to try anything new??!!!  But this week I had a free afternoon and decided to try my latest and greatest idea.  See, here I go again with new ideas.  ;)  This year I bought a book called "50 Paintings You Should Know."  As an artist, I want to constantly surround myself with art to help mold me into the artist I want to be.  So, I study different artists and look to see what I would want to emulate.  Well, this week I decided that I wanted to try and pay homage to a painter.  I thought that I would try to recreate some of the paintings featured in the book.  I started with "Petunia No. 2" by Georgia O'Keefe.  Here is what the book says about this painting:  "Petunia No. 2 was a groundbreaking work for Georgia O'Keefe, being one of her first large scale oil paintings of flowers, and was also one of the first to be exhibited."  The first picture is her gorgeous painting and the second picture is my homage.  Of course, I didn't want to use the exact same flowers and wanted to add a little bit of my own flavor, but I hope you see the resemblance.  And then I did some more flower portraits in honor of her, but with my personality.  I hope you enjoy them.  Please let me know what you think!!