Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Phen Turns One!!

Phen is another Baby Program client.  His beautiful, sweet mom contacted me when Phen was about 4 months old to start his Baby Program. See, it is never too late!!  A lot of families think that they are behind the ball if they don't start when their baby is newborn, but really it is never too late to start photographing your child.  They change so much in the first year that each month or day is a new opportunity to get fabulous pictures.  So, I was so excited to photograph Phen.  I was happy not only because I was able to photograph a sweet little boy, but also because we used to live across the street from Phen's parents.  So I was so excited to be able to watch him grow into a toddler since I would miss that in the neighborhood.  We met out at Furman for a very fun hour playing all around campus.  It was a very quick session because the rain came and we had to stop.  But, we didn't need very long to get fabulous pictures of Phen.  He might have the best expressions I have seen.  Incredibly fun to look at these pictures after our session because each one made me smile and laugh.  He is just so cute.  So enjoy the pictures we took for his final session.  Oh, and look through to the end because I included a group that they picked for his Baby Program to show you how much he had changed in the time I photographed him.  Enjoy!!!