Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Day at the Lake

This week we spent some time with my parents in the mountains. We had a great time crafting it up big time!! I am always so thankful for the grandparents, both sets. They have such different strengths and give so much to their grandkids. My parents always provide a very full schedule and one day this week they rented a boat on a lake near the cabins and we set off on an adventure. It was the kids first ride in a boat and first dip in lake water. They had a wonderful time. Simply wonderful. We brought an inner tub to pull around the lake, but it was against the rules. So we found a cove and swam around for a couple of hours or maybe a little less. And when I say "we swam around" I mean that "they swam around." I am not a fan of swimming. I know, it is lame, but I really could live without it. I know a lot of people that feel like they have basically bathed after being in the swimming pool. Not me. I feel so gross. I immediately have to take a shower. Multiply that by a thousand and that is what I feel about lake water. Totally gross. Add in a few fish, snakes and whatever else lives in lakes and I am not a fan. But we were on a family trip and I thought I would try it out. I had on my bathing suit and the kids were begging me to get in the water. I actually thought I could do it until my feet touched the water and that was almost the beginning of the end. I made it in, but after my slight panic attack I spent my time in the lake water on top of the raft and then back into the boat. That is one of the hard parts for me about being a mom... I want my kids to be so much better than me. I have these crazy deficiencies, dislikes and fears and I don't mind me having them, but I don't want my kids to have them. So I really love that they are in the lake water, but I really don't want to be in there myself. But I worry that if they see me not doing things that they will not try new things too and so I try to do them, but it doesn't always work out. I digress....

So we were out on the lake and my mom jumped in with the kids. Since they were swimming for a long time and the kids started getting cold, she started doing synchronized swimming with them. They had a blast. (another reason why I am thankful for grandparents - they can do the synchronized swimming and I don't have to). Then, because we were in a cove without an anchor, we kept gently moving closer and closer to the banks and so every once in a while Joe would pull us out to the middle. While Dad and I were in the boat we looked down and Louie had decided to pull us to the middle. Our little 4 year old pulled this huge pontoon boat all by herself. She was so proud of herself and we were all amazed!! I am so glad we got it on videotape. So, here is a video of Mom and the older two doing synchronized swimming while Louie pulled us out of harms way. Love it!!