Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Sad News

This weekend we had very sad news. Our cat Pumpkin was killed outside our home by an animal in the middle of the night. Joe found him and has been very, very torn up about it since. The kids have taken it very hard as well. Dewey always said that Pumpkin was his very best friend. He was just the perfect cat. Joe wasn't allergic to him and he is allergic to feathers and fur. He never strayed far from home and he was always so good to the kids. And my clients loved him too. Kids all of the time loved looking for him out of our window and would ask to see him when they came back for visits. He was just so cute. Here is a picture of him when we first got him. Huey (or Dewey) took this picture with my phone.


On the day we found him, H was just so upset.  She kept sitting where we buried him and would cry and cry.  She has a chair that she draws on and one time when she came inside I told her to draw a picture on her chair of Pumpkin to remind her of him.  I went in her room to check on her later and saw her sitting in front of the chair crying.  This is what she had written on her pillow, "Pumpkin died.  We were best friends.  Bye Pumpkin."  It started with just a picture of her and then when her siblings saw it, they drew in themselves too.  All is well now, but it was a very sad day.