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Christmas in June - Deborah's Story

Here is our second entry for our Christmas in June charity event.  If you want Rebecca and David to win, please comment below to "vote" (one vote per person).  Tell all of your friends and family to come and vote too.  Good luck!!!!!


In a way I am nominating David and Rebecca Griffith to be selfish.  Let me explain.  Rebecca is my sister and the mother to my 3 nieces and my nephew.  Almost a year ago, the Lord called the Griffith family to be full time missionaries in Kenya, Africa.  David has been to Kenya 3 times on mission trips and took his son Will on the last trip.  When he came back from the second trip, David's heart was changed.  The Griffith family has always had a heart for missions.  They are taking a huge step in faith, literally a huge step across the world.  When David and Rebecca told me that they were called to the mission field, I wasn't surprised.  For the last 6 months, they have been scrimping, saving and raising support.  I know if I asked them to go and get professional pictures taken, they would laugh at me.  The selfish part of this is that I would love to have a beautiful picture of my sister and her family, that I love more than words can express.  The pictures would be for my kids who adore their cousins, for the family members who will also miss them terribly, for their supporters to see and remember to pray for them.