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Christmas in June - Jamie's Story


Here is our third entry for our Christmas in June charity event.  If you want Frances to win, please comment below to "vote" (one vote per person).  Tell all of your friends and family to come and vote too.  Good luck!!!!!



I am nominating my sweet friend, Frances Lightcap. Frances is a loving mother of four, friend to everyone she meets, mentor to countless, and an exceptional photographer – She carries with her a grace and kindness that is completely contagious.

Frances has an incredible gift: she knows how to be in the right place at the right time...for others. This gift is thoughtfulness on display – somehow she always seems to recognize what others need, whether providing a dinner for someone without or offering a kind word. This inevitably transcends to her photography. She captures moments for others that will be cherished for decades. Frances has a knack for memorializing the meaningful and she shares her talents with others without thinking twice.

I’ll never forget holding my two-hour old daughter, amazed at how wonderful she was, and never wanting to forget those early moments of her life. Frances made sure that I didn’t forget.  With her oldest daughter by her side and her youngest snug in the Bjorn, Frances spent the next morning with my husband and I taking pictures of our new daughter.

A few months later, as I was picking up my daughter from Frances’ house, she hands me a CD of photographs.  She had not only watched my daughter while I ran some errands, she also surprised me with beautiful portraits that I will cherish forever.  Hers are the pictures that we’ve shared with our family and friends, hang on our walls, and put in Christmas cards.

The Lightcap family should “win” this photo session. If for no other reason, that it would allow Frances to move from behind the camera and in front of the camera, as a blessing for how she has blessed countless with her talent and benevolence.