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Christmas in June - Betsy's Story


Here is our fourth entry for our Christmas in June charity event.  If you want Kelly to win, please comment below to "vote" (one vote per person).  Tell all of your friends and family to come and vote too.  Good luck!!!!!



Hey Susan,

I would like to nominate my sister Kelly and her family for the Christmas in June event.
Kelly is my older sister and has always been like a mother to both me and my younger sister. She is incredibly loving, thoughtful, and compassionate. When my younger sister and I got married and had babies before she did, she took on the role of super-aunt. She loved and cared for our children with a very generous and giving heart. We were all waiting and praying for God to send her the right man because we knew she would be such a wonderful wife and mother.
And that's exactly what God did! One day while Kelly was at my dad's house, Kevin drove up, knocked on the door, and asked her out. Whoever says that God doesn't just send you your spouse is wrong! Their relationship was meant to be and we were all so excited for them.  They got married on March 1, 2008. Our family gladly welcomed Kevin and his daughter Riley and we were so excited for Kelly.
Kelly and Kevin then decided to have children of their own. After months of struggling with some infertility issues and medications, Kelly became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy named Jasper on January 26, 2010. Jasper was born with club feet, and Kelly and Kevin spent the first few months of his life with frequent visits to the Shriner's hospital for a series of casts and surgeries to correct his feet. Jasper's feet are now doing great and it's hard to keep with him!
After taking months to get pregnant with Jasper, Kelly and Kevin were very surprised to learn that they were unexpectedly pregnant this past January. We knew that this baby must be a special gift and surprise from God. Everyone was thrilled for Kelly and Kevin. Unfortunately, by the end of the first trimester it became apparent that this little one had some severe development issues. With each ultrasound it was more apparent that this baby was not growing properly. An amniocentesis revealed that this baby girl had Trisomy 13.  They named their sweet baby Mia Faith because she is a MIrAcle and they were clinging to their faith in this time of uncertainty.  Sadly, little Mia's body was not meant to be on this earth. Yesterday (June 7, 2012) Mia was born. She is now with her Creator and heavenly Father where she has a perfect body and will not be sick.
In the weeks and months to come, Kelly and Kevin will grieve the loss of their daughter. I think it would be a wonderful way to honor the life of little Mia Faith and to celebrate their family by having Susan take family portraits for them.