Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - the Lightcaps

This week I had the privilege of photographing the Lightcaps.  They are the first family from the four finalists of our Christmas in June event that I have been able to photograph.  Here is Jamie's entry here:  Jamie's Story  

I was so honored to photograph Frances and her family.  Frances is a very good friend of mine and a fellow photographer.  And to be honest, I was kind of nervous about photographing her family.  Not because of anything she would do, but she knows all of the tricks to the trade so I didn't want to seem too ridiculous and I really wanted to do a good job.  But I had so much fun.  Everything that Jamie said about Frances is true.  She one of the most thoughtful people I know.  She is so kind, humble, giving, and funny.  To be honest, I am sometimes jealous if people I know go to other photographers, but I am always so excited when Frances gets new clients.  She is one person that I am truly excited if they succeed.  I just love her.

So, let me give you a little background about this session.  That morning I checked the weather and it said that it would start raining in the afternoon.  So I texted Frances and told her that we might have to reschedule the session because she lives out of town and I didn't want her to drive all the way here for it to rain.  But all day it was so sunny - all day.  We were meeting at 5:00 and so around 4:30 I left the house to drive to Furman.  When I got about a mile away the heavens opened and it started raining.  I couldn't believe it!!!  But we were already there and everyone was dressed so we decided to go ahead with the session.  So for the first half of the session we hid on a porch while it rained all around us.  The Lightcaps were such troopers.  Didn't I say she was great?!  So fun.  Another note for my clients:  I didn't bring the props!!  Frances borrowed them from a friend.  So I won't have them for your upcoming session.  :)


To Frances and all of the Lightcaps - this video and song is for you.  I hope that you love it all.