Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Christmas Pictures with the Grandparents

Last weekend we went to the mountains to visit with my family.  We had a great time and the trees were beautiful.  The kids, of course, loved every minute there.  Mom and Dad - thanks for a great time. Since we won't be seeing my parents again before Christmas, Mom asked if we could take their Christmas picture while we were there.  We used to take a Christmas picture with the entire family, but last year Joe and I were booted out.  It is just Grandma and Grandaddy and their grandkids.  We know where we stand!  So, I thought you would like to see a few of the pics.  We took them in front of my dad's Smithy (a.k.a. blacksmith workshop).  I have my favorite one as well as some "out-takes."  See, your family isn't the only one.  It is always hard to get three kids to behave for pictures!!  I hope you enjoy.



One of my favorites....


Ummm, does it look like I just said, "SpiderMan doesn't have real powers!!"


Oh, these are good....  ;)