Capturing the Best in Ourselves

Superheroes & Cupcakes - and Princesses too!

We are so excited to offer our very first birthday party for your children.  We love your children about as much as you do.  We love them jumping off of couches, running as fast as they can, getting cake all over their faces, talking non-stop, laughing, and giggling.  We love them in mismatched clothes, plastic high heels, Darth Vader helmets with Superman capes, petticoats and high-tops, stripes and plaids.  We love them all - just the way that they are.  And we want to celebrate them before everyone scatters for the summer.

This year, we are offering mini-mini sessions for the first time.  I mean, who really wants their kids to try to sit for a session for more than 10 minutes?!  Less stress for everyone.  And since we are offering new mini-mini sessions, we thought we would offer new packages as well as discounted pictures.  We must be crazy!!

After you pay for your session, pick one of the packages that you would like to purchase.  Then you will receive 20% off of every picture you want to purchase.  Crazy right?!  But the catch is that you have a week to make your decisions.  Before school ends, and everyone leaves for the summer the orders are due.  I mean, who wants to order pictures once the kids are home all day anyway?!  Help me help you is how I think of it.  It is a win for both of us.

So, look over all of the information below.  Call Naomi soon to schedule your time.  Just as a note - our Spring Event was booked the first day we opened scheduling so if you are at all interested, call soon.

We can't wait to see your cute kids!

If you can't read the image above, here is what it says:
$32 session fee*
4 packages to choose from:
A:  3 5x7's of your favorite 3 images (9 total 5x7's) = $135
B:  3 4x6's matted and framed = $120
C:  50 5x7 party invitations or thank you cards = $75
D:  Framed 8x10 = $60
After you purchase the session fee and package above 
you will receive 20% off portraits purchased for one week only.

10 min. mini-sessions scheduled every 15 min.
All images will be online by June 2.  
Orders must be placed by June 9.
20% off only valid from June 2 - June 9.
Galleries will be removed after this date.

*session fee includes tax