Capturing the Best in Ourselves

I am Blessed

I am so excited to announce that there is a new member of the Susan Brewer Photography team.  Many of you are included on my team because of the many referrals you send me, or the hours you spend with me talking about photography, or the ideas you consistently bring my way, or just by gracing me with the ability to photograph you and your family.  But, a couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to include someone officially as my Marketing Assistant.  Kara is the mother of one of my Baby Program babies and e-mailed me wanting to help me in my business.  I was floored and humbled and just a little bit excited !!!  ;)  So after hours of brainstorming, we decided that the best use of her talents was to help me with marketing.  So, if you have any auctions you want us to be a part of, or any stores that need artwork, or just any marketing ideas, please contact me and Kara.  Her e-mail address is  Yippee!!!!!