Capturing the Best in Ourselves

View from My Camera - Apr 4

Happy Spring Break!!  Joe and I are finally back home after being gone for a week.  We have had a great vacation.  Our first stop was Detroit.  Our good friend gave Joe tickets to the Final Four for Christmas year.  We were so surprised and delighted to go (especially Joe!!).  Our first day was spent touring Detroit.  We went to Belle Island.  Although it was pretty, it seemed very deserted.  And the Aquarium was closed.  Very sad.  Here are some pictures of the abandoned Aquarium and Conservatory.  Kind of spooky!! 090404h090404g090404a

So, there was no one manning the Conservatory (again, spooky), but it housed some beautiful plants.  Here are some orchids...


Then we went to the Wildlife Zoo on the island.  There was one outdoor place for animals...  deer.  They were really beautiful.090404b

Which one of these is not like the other??!!090404